The Big East Conference is currently in the process of getting a facelift and a new identity. 

First it was the announcement of West Virginia leaving for the Big 12 in 2012. Next was the declaration of Syracuse and Pittsburgh fleeing to the ACC. 

To combat their losses, the Big East announced, soon after, that Temple would join the crippled conference in 2012, along with Houston, SMU, UCF, Memphis, Boise State and San Diego State in 2013. Last but not least, the Big East even decided to bring in Navy to begin competing within the conference, but not until 2015. 

With all these additions and subtractions, the Big East looks like a very different conference.  The new schools that have joined the conference range from the bottom of California to southwest corner of Tennessee. The next change could be a new conference name. 

The most recent development in Big East news is the acquisition of Mike Aresco as the new commissioner of the conference. 

Aresco will take over the duties of former Big East commissioner John Marinatto, who recently lost the commissioner job due to instability and defections within the conference.  

The new commissioner of the Big East was formerly the executive vice president of CBS. Aresco has plenty of experience in dealing with programming and contract negotiations between college conferences and his former employer CBS. However, he has never actually worked directly in collegiate athletics. 

The Big East believes that Aresco has the ability to work out a new television contract that will bring some form of stability back to the conference.  Aresco was directly involved with massive contracts landed by CBS, including NCAA Men's Basketball, College Football Bowls, along with many collegiate football and basketball regular season games.