Rachel Frederickson, a 24-year-old voiceover artist who lives in Los Angeles, was crowned winner of the season 15 finale of the “The Biggest Loser,” which aired Tuesday on NBC.

Frederickson lost 155 pounds, or 59.62 percent of her total body weight, which was enough to claim the grand prize of $250,000. She weighed 260 pounds at the start of the weight-loss competition in October and finished at 105 pounds. 

"I was shocked," she told People magazine after winning. "I came here to gain back my life, and I did exactly that. I've found that proud, confident girl that has so much respect for herself."

David Brown, 43, of Edmond, Okla., came in second after losing 222 pounds (54.28 percent) and weighing in at 187. 

"I'm just thankful to God for this moment, for my family -- for the love and support they've always given me no matter what size I was," Brown, who weighed 409 pounds when he first came to the competition said, before last night's results were announced. "And the one thing I would say here tonight is whether it's me or whether it's Rachel, the confetti is going to fall on all of us because we win."

Bobby Saleem, a 29-year-old attorney from Chicago, came in the third. Saleem weighed 358 pounds at the start of the competition. He shed 188 pounds (52.51 percent) for a final weight of 170.

"I am so surprised. I had no idea I did that. I wish I had gone into the 160s," he said. "No I'm kidding, I'm kidding, I'm kidding! I'm sorry. I'm really happy with that. I love 170. That was amazing and I'm really proud of my effort." 

Tumi Oguntala, a 41-year-old brand strategist from Clifton Park, N.Y., won the $100,000 season 15 at-home prize. She was eliminated in Week 11, but stuck it out on her own.  Her final weight was 144 pounds, down 175 pounds from her starting weight of 319.

"When I got home, I met a wonderful friend who helped me run," Oguntala said. "We run 5Ks, half marathons, 15K's together. And after this show, I'm looking forward to my first marathon."