New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick gave his daughter a smooch on the lips after his team beat the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX Sunday, and while that might seem normal to some, an image of the kiss circulated the Internet and disgusted some people.

The photo, taken by Associated Press photographer Matt Slocum, shows the 62-year-old coach lean in to kiss his 30-year-old daughter, Amanda, Yahoo News wrote. The kiss lasted only a split second, but the image makes it look like the two lingered for an uncomfortable length of time.

While netizens had nasty things to say about the father-daughter kiss, some relationship experts told Yahoo News there was nothing inappropriate. “This was a moment of jubilation and joy and he is showing his affection for someone who is clearly very important to him,” family therapist Dr. Paul Hokemeyer told Yahoo.

Parenting expert and family physician Dr. Deborah Gilboa agreed: “Being able to show affection between adult parents and their adult kids is lovely, and it’s great if Bill Belichick has such a positive relationship with his daughter.” 

No matter what the experts have to say, many Twitter users thought they witnessed a controversy. Some took it a step further and created memes so it looked like Belichick tongue-kissed his daughter. Others fabricated memes by using a picture of Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman’s face after the Seahawks lost. While there were some who called it “cute” and “sweet,” the majority of people said things like “yuck” and “disturbed.” Check out the posts below for some of the comments:

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