Getting Bill Cosby to address the barrage of sexual assault allegations levied against him has been difficult. Even the fictional Bill Cosby stayed mum on the subject – Eddie Murphy declined to reprise his famous impersonation of Cosby on the recent "Saturday Night Live" 40th anniversary special. But on Monday the 77-year-old actor and comedian sent out a video message to his fans – his first since the onset of the scandal – in which it seems he plans to counter the controversy surrounding him with laughter.

The video message shows Cosby wearing maroon pajamas and speaking on the phone to an unknown person about coming shows on his comedy tour. He confirms the place and time of a West Virginia show – “Yes, I’m going to be in Wheeling, West Virginia ….Capital Music Hall … 8 o’clock, that’s right” – and assures fans that he will still be able to bring laughs – “You know I’ll be hilarious. I can’t wait.”

Watch ABC News’ exclusive report featuring the video message below:

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The video was accompanied by a written message stating, “Dear fans, I hope you enjoy my wonderful video message that's filled with laughter...Hey, hey, hey, I'm far from finished."

“Far from finished” – the title of Cosby’s most recent Comedy Central special and a reference to the older comedian’s continued career – has taken on new meaning with the scandal. The phrase has become a rallying cry for Cosby and his public relations team, accompanying tweets and messages denying culpability in any of the sexual abuse allegations.

Thirty women, so far, have come forward with sexual assault allegations against Cosby. Most recently, a woman who was a part of a 2005 civil lawsuit against him-- identified only as Patricia -- spoke to BuzzFeed describing two alleged instances of rape. 

Monday’s video message may mark the start of a campaign by Cosby to repair his reputation. Many have criticized his continued avoidance of addressing the issue directly. 

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