Amanda Brumfield, the estranged daughter of Billy Bob Thornton has been convicted of manslaughter in the same courthouse which is trying Casey Anthony in Florida.

Amanda Brumfield, the daughter of Billy Bob Thornton and his ex-wife Melissa Gatlin, was charged with killing 1-year-old baby girl of her friend.

One night in October 2008, Brumfield, 32, took care of 1-year-old Olivia Madison Garcia. She said that the baby fell out of a playpen a short distance away from her by accident.

Although Brumfield insisted that the death of the girl is an accident, the prosecutors claimed it is impossible for the girl's skull to fracture and the bleeding and swelling to form on her brain.

In 1980, Thornton divorced with Brumfield's mother. Brumfield said in some interviews that she had little contact with her father. He's pretty much made me feel like I've been shut out, Brumfield told Inside Edition in 2001. I mean, I have nothing against him. I love him. He's my father. I just want him to be around. I don't want to cry, but it's not fair to watch him on TV every day, and I can't even get a call.

Thornton acknowledged that the relationship with Brumfield isn’t close. She didn't grow up with me, and so we were pretty much strangers for years. Then a few years later, we reconnected, and it's really good now. He told the U.K.'s Daily Mail in 2005.

Thornton also had marriage with Angelina Jolie for 3 years, but they split in 2003.