Billy Bob Thornton's daughter has a received a 20-year prison sentence for the death of her friend's 1-year-old child.

Amanda Brumfield, 32, was convicted of aggravated manslaughter against a child. She had been acquitted of charges of first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse, The Associated Press reported.

The child, a little girl named Olivia Madison Garcia, was the daughter of Brumfield's friend, Heather Murphy. The sentencing comes days after what would have been Olivia's fourth birthday, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Brumfield said Olivia fell on her head while trying to get out of a playpen, but prosecutors did not buy this explanation, as the child had a three-and-a-half inch fracture on her skull, The Associated Press reported.

I miss Olivia just as much as anybody does, Brumfield said on Thursday at her sentencing, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Murphy made a statement to the court at Brumfield's sentencing.

I can't believe you're gone, Murphy said of her daughter, the Orlando Sentinel reported. All I want to do is take you trick-or-treating, and to dress you up as Tinkerbell.

Murphy commented on the sentence to reporters.

It doesn't matter, she said, Reuters reported. I won't ever see Olivia again.