Christian evangelist Billy Graham was admitted overnight to a North Carolina hospital with what is believed to be bronchitis, a representative of the 93-year-old told Fox News.

In a joint statement, both the rep, Larry Ross, and Mission Hospital in Asheville said Graham was "alert and in good spirits." He was kept overnight to evaluate and treat a respiratory infection thought to be bronchitis.

Dr. David S. Pucci, a pulmonologist, said the evangelist is receiving antibiotics, in stable condition, and resting comfortably. There is no scheduled discharge date.

Graham was in good enough health to reportedly be able to watch his grandson, Will Graham, preach Sunday morning, Ross said.

It is the second trip to the Asheville hospital for the evangelist in the last year. He was admitted last November for pneumonia. His staff told Fox News Graham's health has been good since his release.

The renowned preacher was a pioneer in the field of televangelism, and he is believed to have preached to more than 2 billion people in his lifetime, if you count those he has reached via radio and television.

Graham is currently working on a new book.