The disturbing game “The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth” is set to receive a huge amount of content in the “Afterbirth” expansion pack. Previously, the developer of the game confirmed that the “Rebirth” downloadable content (DLC) would extend the game’s already long running time to about 100 or 200 hours due to the sheer amount of new items, modes and content that will be available.

Now, developer Edmund McMillen has detailed some of the new aspects of the “Afterbirth” expansion pack on the official “Binding of Isaac” website. The only thing McMillen has yet to talk about is the official release date of the “Rebirth” DLC, though the developer stated that he’s hoping to release it sometime this year.

The expansion will feature more than 100 new items, 10 new challenges, a new playable character, a new final chapter and even more alternate endings. What’s really intriguing, however, is the new game mode that is being teased for the game. Apparently, it will change the way the game is played, so it will be interesting to see if the details for that get sorted out soon.

Polygon confirms new daily scoreboard challenges for players who are interested in bragging about their online scores. These challenges were apparently inspired by the PC game “Spelunky,” and McMillen said he would explain how one scores in a game like “The Binding of Isaac” in a later post.

The creator also explained two new powers, each of which gives Isaac a big advantage over his many opponents. The “Dead Eye” turns the tears of Isaac into offensive balls that can cause a good amount of damage to a single enemy. The “Continuum” turns the character’s eyes purple and his tears become powerful lasers that turn Isaac into something incredibly powerful.

Fans excited about the “Rebirth” DLC will have to download the previous “Wrath of the Lamb” DLC that came before it to access all of the new content. In return though, the “Afterbirth” expansion will be completely free once players purchase the previous DLC pack, so in a way it’s a DLC update.

Binding of Isaac Update Reveal (Credit: YouTube/GameSquid (Florian Himsl))