Bio-Clean, Inc. distributes a line of industrial cleaners and restoration products that are an aqueous blend of biodegradable, heavy-duty surfactants and live, naturally occurring microbes. Through the Company’s research efforts they effectively combine nature with chemistry to produce safe and cost effective solutions for the consumer and the environment. Bio-Clean’s commitment is to continue to expand and develop additional products at an aggressive rate to meet consumer demand for safe, organic, planet friendly solutions. Bio-Clean, Inc. trades on NASDAQ’s OTCBB and they have their headquarters in Newport Beach, California.

The microbes in the Company’s products, added during production, are non-pathogenic and harmless to people, wildlife, and vegetation. The design of BioClean® products are for manual and automatic cleaning systems. These include pressure washers, automatic scrubber machines, or mops. They are dispensable via chemical injectors or proportioning devices.

BioClean® products are usable on most surfaces. These include concrete, asphalt, tile, painted and unpainted metal, fabrics, soil, and water. On porous surfaces such as concrete, microbes go deep into pores and crevices. They consume and eliminate sub-surface oils. In water, BioClean® products reduce algae, foul odors, nozzle plugging, and inhibit build up of unwanted hydrocarbons.

Last Friday, Bio-Clean, Inc. announced the release of their Bio Clean Multi-Purpose Household Cleaner. Designed to be the highest strength military grade household cleaner available to retail consumers, Bio Clean Multi Purpose Household Cleaner is organic. The product formula uses no bleach, no ammonia, and no chlorine. It is non-toxic, including the 100 percent recyclable packaging.

Today, Bio-Clean, Inc. announced that they signed a contract to sponsor Ultimate Fighter Randy Couture’s upcoming November 14, 2009 fight against Brandon Vera. The Company believes that Randy (The Natural) Couture embodies the All-American image of strength and intelligence that Bio-Clean’s “Clean Kill” Personal Hand Sanitizing Weapon is designed to portray. Bio-Clean, Inc. also believes that Randy’s larger than life persona as “Captain America” will bring mass awareness to the Company and their family of products.