Bio-Clean International, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of aqueous bio-remediation parts washing and weapons cleaning systems. Headquartered in Huntington Beach, California, the Company provides non-toxic, environmentally safe solutions and benefits. These solutions are for the requirements of military and law enforcement agencies.

The Company has a majority interest in their subsidiary American Bio-Tech Cleaning, Inc. This subsidiary designs and manufactures customized parts and weapons washing/cleaning systems. These systems are eco-friendly, and use a water-based cleaning fluid integrated with a self-contained bio-remediation process.

Bio-Clean International also owns a minority interest in American Bio-Clean Corporation. This enterprise is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB). Founded in 1997, this company markets and distributes cleaning fluids and parts/weapons cleaning machines.

American Bio-Clean Corporation (being a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business) has certification and meets the Federal-mandated three percent minority-spending requirements. Mandated spending requirements adopted by most States range from three to twenty percent. American Bio-Clean Corporation has three Product Divisions: Weapons Cleaning and Parts Washers, Cleaning Fluids, as well as Construction Products.

The Company's mission is to be the premier manufacturer and supplier of aqueous bio-remediation parts washing and weapons cleaning patented systems. They are working to achieve this goal through engineering excellence, problem solving, system design, sales, and technical support services to their varied clientele.

Bio-Clean International, Inc.’s subsidiary companies serve a large international client base. This base includes private corporations, the military, and numerous branches of law enforcement agencies. Some of their clients include the U.S Coast Guard, Navy and Marine Corps, as well as The United States Army, Defense Logistics Agency, and Naval Air Systems Command.

Today, Anpath Group, Inc. announced that their wholly owned subsidiary, EnviroSystems, Inc., entered into a Teaming Agreement with Bio-Clean International, Inc. through their American Bio-Clean Corporation entity. American Bio-Clean will be the exclusive distributor of EnviroSystems’ EnviroTru® Disinfectant & Deodorizing Cleaner and EnviroTru 1453 (for aviation applications) to federal government facilities, including military customers around the world.