Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Inc., a leading biotech company based in San Diego, CA – where a 15k sq. ft. complex contains the hematology, microbiology/flow cytometry, and aseptic cellular/tissue class 10,000/100 labs, as well as two secure cryogenic stem cell banks – disclosed details today regarding the Company’s 2010 growth strategy.

The objective is to rapidly develop using existing resources and commercially implement innovative new therapies based on stem cell technology, in addition to aggressively growing through strategic acquisitions and partnerships, as is evident from ongoing negotiations with a variety of smaller biotech companies with highly focused markets aimed at developing joint ventures. Such joint ventures are prompted by logistical analysis which indicates the strength of forming such alliances with congruent market sectors.

Chairman and CEO of BMSN (and of the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Entest Biomedical, Inc., ENTB), David Koos, noted the vast quantum of energy poured into refining “clinical-grade cell processing procedures, protocols, and facilities”, and characterized the San Diego facility as state-of-the-art.

One shining example of the fruits of such joint ventures is the breakthrough-progress recently at ENTB, where a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) treatment in the bold new field of regenerative photoceuticals promises much-demanded relief for some 24M sufferers of this ailment.

A peer reviewed report detailing the ENT-576 therapy is available online at the Journal of Translational Medicine.

Koos went on to point out that the Company has every intention of expanding beyond “conventional stem cell storage”, which has historically constituted the core of the business, to make BMSN a global leader in stem cell therapeutics via masterfully executed strategic alliances.

A BMSN spokesperson disclosed that an upcoming Shareholder Conference Call will be scheduled for March 23, 2010, and that participants should RSVP via email or fax prior to March 10 for instructions at (email) or 619.330.2328(fax).