Bio-Solutions Corp. focuses on veterinary care and organic dietary supplements for livestock and domestic animals. The company announced last week it will market an organic insecticide to combat Malaria.

GreenExTM is available in solid or liquid form, and works by neutralizing and eradicating up to 98 percent of mosquito larvae within a 24-hour period. Malaria is a life threatening disease, infecting more than 250 million people each year and killing more than 1 million children under the age of five each year. The disease isn’t geographically restricted, but thrives in tropical and subtropical regions. According to the company, GreenExTM can be used for humans, as well as animals.

“This organic product can be as useful in veterinary care as for human care; Bio-Solutions will advocate a specialized market strategy for GreenExTM. We will offer this product as a viable alternative to the countries dissatisfied of the service offered by the multinationals. In certain cases, the demands in services and products are too small to interest these large corporations, which is not our case,” Dr. Gilles Chaumillon, CEO of Bio-Solutions stated in the press release.

Malaria is a major concern, especially in poverty-stricken areas. The Malaria market, including various forms of products to fight the disease, ranges in several hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Bio-Solutions said it will launch GreenExTM globally through its international marketing network.

“We will propel the marketing of this product by the valorization of our international network and we will be able to quickly generate income for our company,” Dr. Chaumillom stated. “Bio-Solutions Corp can offer turn-key services to the countries affected by these difficult problems or to work out in partnership for swift strategic interventions with these countries at the scientific and business levels”, added Dr. Gilles Chaumillon.