Today, Bio-Solutions Corp. announced a distribution agreement with Jupiter-Agro Biotech, Inc. to market NutraAnimal™, an active organic dietary supplement. The agreement represents a minimum of $350,000 in revenues for the first year. It also projects potential revenue of one million in the Canadian poultry market; at maturity, the American poultry market represents multi million dollars in revenues for Bio-Solutions Corp.

NutraAnimal™ is designed to improve chickens’ anti-oxidant defense system and decrease oxidative stress, allowing for more sustainable growth. This product can also be used as a safe and beneficial supplement for large animals. Current experiments will allow Bio-Solutions Corp will to evaluate the advantages and the increase in output that the product may possibly offer through. Favorable results will offer this product a colossal market opportunity in a large market.

Dr. Gilles Chaumillon, CEO of Jupiter Agro-Biotech, stated, “The use of more potent organic molecules or innovative complex than those currently on the market, with a better safety profile have an immense market potential for humans, in the veterinary field, or for animal care as well.”

Jupiter Agro-Biotech specializes in feed supplements for livestock and of the distribution of these supplements in Canada. Dr. Chaumillon indicated that the company is “one of the major Canadian distributors in the field.”