Bio-Solutions Corp. issued 2 press releases last week. The most notable was released on Friday at market’s close which announced Dr. Gilles Chaumillon, Bio-Solutions’ CEO and President, completed his visit to Dori, a city in Burkina Faso, Africa. A meeting with the mayor of Dori was highlighted by the signing of a “Letter of Intent” (LOI) for the implementation and water treatment of Bio-Solution’s flagship product, GreenEx. A municipal funding application will be submitted in April. Dr. Chaumillon also noted that other ministries have expressed a serious interest in the product. He was quoted as saying “This First LOI represents a milestone and a great opportunity for Bio-Solutions Corp, at an exponential level.”

GreenEx is an organic insecticide available in both solid and liquid form that neutralizes and eradicates up to 98% of mosquito larvae within a 24 hour period. Malaria, which once was a global problem, is still prevalent in Africa, Asia and Latin America due in part to poor health structures and socioeconomic conditions. Over 1 million children under the age of 5 and 300 million people in total are infected by malaria each year. Further complicating the treatment of malaria is the fact the parasite has developed resistance over the years to the standard drugs used to combat it. GreenEx is a viable solution to these issues.

The other press release, issued on Tuesday, March 16, was to inform that Bio-Solutions had made their cable television debut in Africa. Dr. Chaumillon was interviewed in Kinshasa, RDC and discussed GreenEx and the growing interest in the product. Dr. Chaumillon is building the foundation for sales of the product by discussing the importance of prevention in dealing with malaria. Upon Dr. Chaumillon’s return to North America this week, he will have a full update on the company’s progress in Africa.

The BISU chart has been on the climb over the last month moving from .20 to over .40. Friday it closed at .42 on 40,900 traded shares.