Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bio Solutions Manufacturing Inc. provides biodiesel fuel and environmental clean-up services. They also operate via a network of franchises to provide bioremediation services to municipalities and food processing facilities in the United States. The company’s commitment is to their biodiesel technology becoming part of a multiple-pronged solution to the world’s economic dependency on fossil fuels.

The Company has specialized in providing grease cleaning solutions to the restaurant and catering industry in the United States. They were involved in the development, delivery, and sales of organic waste remediation products used by fast food restaurants, colleges, hotels, cafeterias, mess halls, and municipalities. The Company now has their bio-energy division to direct their knowledge of the grease remediation business into the potentially higher profit margin business of bio-diesel production.

Their process is to pre-treat organic waste known as liquid brown trap grease (LBTG) and then convert it into quality “feed stock” suitable to produce ASTM B100 bio-diesel fuel. This is different from agri-biodiesel fuel made solely from virgin crude vegetable oils and animal fats (including yellow grease). LBTG waste is an increasing and low-cost supply of feedstock all year round.

Bio Solutions Manufacturing will offer a completely integrated end-to-end solution. This solution begins at the food service facilities where the creation of grease occurs, continues through to the licensed haulers who collect the brown grease, and ends at the wastewater treatment facilities where it goes for disposal.

In June, Bio Solutions Manufacturing, Inc. announced that the retained engineering firm, Hammerhead Engineering LLC, successfully completed their second test of the brown grease pre-treatment process. The Hammerhead engineering staff, for the second time, successfully pre-treated liquid brown grease into a reduced Free Fatty Acid feedstock. This feedstock is the raw material that will undergo use for further conversion into B100 biodiesel by the Biodiesel Fuel Production facility.