Headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, Biofuels Power Corp.’s mission is to introduce renewable fuels for North America power and reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign oil. Trading on the OTCBB, the company is the first in the biofuels power sector. This involves generating grid power from biodiesel and renewable gas. Incorporated in 2004, Biofuels Power Corporation is the first company to enter the U.S. power grid with 100 percent biofuels made from waste oils. They do not use corn and they do not remove edible vegetable oils from the food chain.

Biofuels Power Corp. gets fat from animal renderers (chicken, beef, and pork) and waste feedstock from vegetable oil processors. The company then processes the feedstock into spec fuel for their power plant. They have a laboratory with technicians that evaluate each feedstock and provide a recipe that will make a high-quality fuel.

Biofuels Power developed the nation’s first grid-connected biodiesel powered electric generation plant in Oak Ridge North, Texas. This plant uses three Caterpillar generators that produce up to 5 Megawatts as a peaker plant into the Centerpoint Energy connection in the Texas power grid known as ERCOT. They also commissioned the largest grid-connected biodiesel project known as The Woodlands Area Renewable Power Plant (WARPP). It produces up to 10 Megawatts using a General Electric Frame 5 turbine connected to the Entergy electric grid. This grid powers eastern Texas and Louisiana.

In addition, Biofuels Power Corporation purchased a heat recovery steam generator. This makes steam from the exhaust heat from the turbine providing a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) project. This increases efficiencies and profitability of the power plant. The Company also began development of cheaper fuels through transesterification of off-spec oils and gasification of waste products such as glycerol.