BioMedical Technology Solutions, Inc. announced yesterday that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has ordered an additional two Demolizer® Systems for facilities in the State of Wyoming.

The Demolizer II, BioMedical’s flagship product, allows medical staff members to safely and inexpensively dispose of medical waste that would normally be subject to expensive medical waste hauling, and cradle-to-grave liability for the facility. A green solution to biomedical waste disposal, the Demolizer II patented treatment process uses dry heat technology, rendering waste 99.9999 percent sterile and sharps non-reusable. The treated waste is then properly labeled and thrown away as common trash. The Demolizer II is compact with dimensions of only 13” wide by 16” tall and 22.5” deep.

Tom Von Bank, National Director of Sales for BioMedical, commented, “Based on many discussions with the technical experts onsite, we strongly believe that the Demolizer® II system is ideally suited for V.A. medical centers and outpatient clinics.” He continued, “The potential application of the Demolizer II within the V.A. could easily exceed several hundred systems. We look forward to working closely with the Cheyenne, WY region as a platform for further expansion within the V.A. over the next several months as the advantages of our innovative technology are realized.”

The list of potential markets for the Demolizer II is lengthy, including medical offices, dental offices, urgent care centers, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities; and veterinary care market, which include veterinary hospitals, emergency veterinary care, livestock medicine, equine medicine, zoos, and sanctuaries. These are only some of the potential markets. Others include schools, home health care, the military, the entertainment travel industry and sports arenas, to name a few.

BioMedical Technology is broadly marketing the Demolizer II both nationally and internationally and is establishing a positive relationship with the Department of Veterans Affairs. “With 153 large medical centers and over 700 outpatient centers, the V.A. represents an important opportunity for our company,” says Don Cox, BMTS’ President and C.E.O. “The Demolizer® II is an excellent fit for V.A. medical facilities allowing the organization to lower their biomedical waste management costs and increase their facility security.”

BioMedical Technology announced earlier this month a placement of the Demolizer II in American Samoa. This was the third system that had been installed in the past 30 days within the V.A. Health Network.

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