BioNeutral Group has had an influx of developments over the last few months. Not only has the Company received Environmental Protection Agency approval for Ygiene® 206, its hospital grade disinfectant, but sales are coming in for its odor neutralizer and multipurpose cleaning unregulated product line, Ogiene®. Equally important, some key milestones have been reached recently.

Local U.S. contract manufacturing is under agreement covering both the Ygiene® and Ogiene® technology platforms with the initial 1,000 gallon shipment of Ogiene® products having been manufactured and shipped to Kentucky in advance of initial orders. State approvals are coming in and select municipal vendor approvals are intact which will allow the BioNeutral to sell directly to the corresponding municipal agencies as well as compete in the Request For Proposal (RFP) competitive bidding process. Further, BioNeutral has entered into a global sales and distribution agreement with Raymond Associates LLC, a Service Connected Certified Disabled Veteran-Owned Business and executive management consulting firm.

These developments are strategically positioning BioNeutral to ramp up sales for its Ygiene® and Ogiene® product lines. Today, the Company announced additional upcoming events that should bode well for future revenues.

For starters, BioNeutral announced that it has signed on to introduce its all new EPA-approved Ygiene® 206 hospital-grade disinfectant technology to the infection control professionals attending the 38th Annual APIC Conference (Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology). Recognized as the largest annual gathering of infection preventionists in the world, the APIC will be holding its latest conference on June 27th through June 29th, 2011 in Baltimore, MD. The meeting is the largest annual gathering of infection preventionists in the world, bringing together the leaders in clinical infection prevention in an interactive and educational forum. Infection preventionists are given an unprecedented opportunity to learn and engage with experts from across the global healthcare industry.

Additionally, BioNeutral announced that the Community Health Network of South Florida (CHI) will introduce Ygiene® to its Product Review Committee for evaluation and potential use among its network of facilities. This could generate Ygiene® sales in the near-term as CHI currently operates seven state-of-the-art primary care centers and twenty-seven school-based programs. Ms. Mary Ann Worts, BHSA, R.N., Director of Education and Infection Prevention and Control at CHI, recently stated, “After careful review of the EPA approved data, Ygiene 206 appears to be cutting-edge technology in the battle against microorganisms/pathogens in the healthcare industry. I have had the opportunity to compare our current universal disinfectant with Ygiene 206 and found Ygiene to be far superior.”

Given the strong need for a product of the caliber of Ygiene to control infections and the reviews that Ygiene has been receiving, an increase in revenue appears to be fast approaching. That, coupled with aforementioned recent developments, could be putting BioNeutral in the limelight within the investment community as the stock is only a dime above its 52-week low of $0.285.

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