BioNeutral Group, Inc., a chemical technology-based Life Science company focused on commercializing a novel combinational chemistry-based technology, announced today that it has introduced a new Ogieneâ„¢ GR formulation that is designed to quickly and safely remove graffiti on various surfaces such as buildings, fences, landmarks, bridges and highways. The formulation can be applied directly from the container or by commercially available spraying units for large surfaces.

“Graffiti is a blight on neighborhoods, public transportation and a contributing factor in reducing real estate values and increasing crime. In fact, when former Mayor Giuliani took office, the administration found that removal of graffiti from public transportation was an important step in preventing the further decline in the mood of the city and its residents,” commented President and CEO of BioNeutral Group, Inc., Stephen J. Browand. “With the present economic times, it is important to eliminate any further negative factors that can lower real estate values or depress people’s moods even further.”

“Ogieneâ„¢ GR is a new formulation that gets the job done quickly, however remains mild and kind to the environment, unlike some of the highly toxic products on the market today that are frequently Xylene and/or Acetone based,” added Dr. Andy Kielbania, Chief Scientist at BioNeutral Group, Inc. The Company anticipates introducing several new eco-friendly Ogieneâ„¢ formulations which will provide superior cleaning and stain removing performance on fabric, floors, countertops and even on hands when compared to existing technology used by competitors in the market today.

According to the press release, Ogieneâ„¢ GR will be released for sale through commercial applicators in the 3rd quarter of this year. “The Company has already received numerous inquiries on the formulation and we are currently negotiating an initial purchase order from a new distributor,” noted Stephen J. Browand.