BioNeutral Group, Inc.’s proprietary Ogiene(TM) formulation is able to entrap and deliver the active chemical environment needed to eradicate a variety of noxious and toxic gases that harm the planet and threaten all who live on it. “This is a multi billion dollar opportunity and the impact will be extremely positive for countless industries across our country,” said Dr. Andy Kielbania, Ph.D., Chief Scientist at BioNeutral Group, Inc. “You can clearly see the results of our Ogiene(TM) formulation in a toxic smoke-filled fire situation illustrated in this field test video.”

Dr. Vasu Kulkarni, Ph.D., who specializes in Chemical and Environmental engineering and is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board added, “While more studies will be required, Ogiene(TM) technology may very well prove to be one of the most important control technologies available to address toxic and hazardous gases and it may extend its reach to address the precursor gases that contribute to the generation of greenhouse gas emissions.”

Ogiene(TM) is rapid acting and effective on a wide range of gases, requiring minimal or no cleanup after application. The technology is effective in the gas phase being applied as a fog and in the liquid phase, it can be applied as a mist or spray directly to liquid contaminates. Ogiene(TM) products can be used as barrier curtains, in an exhaust stream (smoke stack) or in confined static spaces and amenable to a variety of methods of application.

“This is a technology (Ogiene(TM)) which answers the call of President Obama for inventiveness and innovation which will help power the country and address the serious environmental issues that we all face,” stated President and CEO of BioNeutral Group, Inc., Stephen J. Browand. “This technology can help reduce the air pollution produced by the manufacturing process, create new jobs and continue to make the country more competitive and “Green” to the environment.”