Biopack Environmental Solutions Inc. is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of 100% biodegradable consumer packaging products. The company manufactures these packaging products in China from locally available sugar cane waste called ‘bagasse’. Biopack’s unique line of packaging is sold in 12 European countries, North America, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Africa.

The company today announced that it has entered into discussions with local Chinese officials to expand its operations, with the development and construction of a new manufacturing facility in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong. Located a short distance from Biopack’s current production operations, discussions are with the Jiangmen City officials regarding the Guangdong Yinzhou Lake Paper Base. This is an industrial park that covers over 24 square kilometers, and was specifically designed and developed with paper, cardboard, pulp and related products in mind.

Biopack considers the Lake Paper Base to be perfectly suited for their situation. The base has electricity, water and heat through a nearby local power plant and has taken the steps to handle sewage and assure clean production and highly efficient recycling of resources for its development into an industry intensive, energy saving, environmentally friendly and sustainable ‘green’ paper base.

Of special benefit to Biopack would be the power plant’s ability to provide quality steam at high pressure and affordable prices in an environmentally friendly manner. In addition, the power plant has a central water treatment facility, which could save a tremendous amount of money over the company’s current in-house water treatment operations. Logistics and infrastructure are of the highest standards, and potential investments have strong government approval, support and incentives. It is no wonder that Biopack considers the site to be an ideal location to expand its operations.