Some have said that nothing is certain but death and taxes. One might add to this list the need for clean water. Although this isn’t an issue in much of the world, most developed countries find the need for clean and treated water a necessity. As an investment, this clean and treated water actually turns out to be a solid fixed income play. Becoming involved may require a bit more effort, but in the longer term scope of today’s market, it can be the smart move.

Bioshaft Water Technologies Inc., a wastewater treatment plant designer and builder, works to design and build wastewater treatment facilities primarily for municipalities and residential developments in the US, middle east and Asia. The company has recently been granted a UK and US patent for its unique system.

The company’s unique process to wastewater treatment stems from its use of a fixed film. The process, designed by the company founder, makes the entire system more efficient by increasing surface area within a smaller fixed area. Although one might not consider efficiency in waste water treatment as an overly large concern, it does hold several key elements that make the company’s process attractive for those municipalities and developments requiring a new system.

Cost is perhaps the leading driver of the product’s likely success. Since it is more efficient, less land is needed for its construction. Additionally, since the product occupies a smaller footprint it requires fewer personnel to operate. Following this line, and perhaps most important, is that the process eliminates 95% of the water treatment process by-product, or sludge. In conventional treatment plants, sludge is a very large part of treatment operations costs; as it needs to be disposed of after the treatment process is complete.

The company has been making solid progress in establishing its newly patented process. As one might suspect, using a new process for a population base can be a bit risky for a municipal community. As such, the company has developed pilot plants to demonstrate how this unique and more efficient system works. Wayne Nebraska was the first recipient, followed by systems in Dubai and with a Kuwaiti firm. The Dubai system will be sold after the demonstration period has ended.

As municipalities continue to struggle with rising costs and lower revenues, it does appear likely that Bioshaft Water Technologies is in a position to offer product and services that will be able to address issues that these same municipalities can ill afford to ignore. Municipal financing, as it turns out, is a fairly safe fixed income investment as well. Taken together, Bioshaft Water Technologies looks to be in a solid place to profit in coming quarters and years.