BioShock Infinite, the third installment to Irrational Games' first person shooter franchise, is set for an Oct. 16th release date. Excitement is beginning to brew for fans of the series, as the creators have debuted promotional videos revealing the newest Heavy Hitters to appear in the upcoming game.

The previous game was widely received by fans of the series, shipping three million copies in March 2010. Infinite is sure to be met with the same success, with a story overhaul to keep gamers hooked. The game will maintain some of its trademark characteristics, but there are some key differences and new enemies that players can expect.

- Out of the water and into the air. Infinite will take place years before the original Rapture Saga in a flying city called Columbia, according to the Houston Press. The hero of the story, Booker DeWitt, makes his way to the aerial city to rescue a woman with amazing powers named Elizabeth. This is the trigger that launches DeWitt into the center of a civil war tearing the city apart.

- Move over Big Daddies, the Heavy Hitters are here. The drill-armed opponents that gamers have come to recognize will not be returning in this part of the series. However, the upcoming Heavy Hitters should prove to be just as challenging as their predecessors. Irrational Games has been enticing gamers by revealing a new Heavy Hitter each week though promotional videos. So far, fans can expect to see the George Washington inspired Motorized Patriot, the gargantuan Handyman, and now the trumpet-faced Boys of Silence, featured in the video below.

- More emphasis on plot and dialogue. The latest addition to the BioShock family will be much more dialogue-based than the previous games. Just one level of BioShock Infinite writing and the amount of character interaction we have is probably three or four times as much writing as in all of BioShock 1, Irrational Games Co-founder Kevin Levine said, according to Game Trailers. Levine also added that players can expect a lot more cut scenes in Infinite.

And it seems that the recent revelation of the Heavy Hitters has sparked anticipation among fans.

I am soo excited for BioShock Infinite, this adds to it- the 'Boys of Silence,' one player posted on Twitter.

All of these 'heavy hitters' for Bioshock Infinite are getting me really excited for the final game, wrote another.

If you haven't already seen them, check out the Heavy Hitters in action in the video below. Irrational Games will be revealing the final character in the group next week.

The Boys of Silence

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The Handyman

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The Motorized Patriot

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