When the Obama Administration lifted restrictions on stem-cell research March 9, 2009, the door was kicked open for the scientific community to move forward with the research and funding of regenerative medicine exploration.

BioTime Inc. is engaged in advancing the regenerative medicine market and realizes the challenges of stem-cell research. The company today announced its CEO Michael West, Ph.D., will host a presentation titled “Opportunities and Challenges of Commercializing Stem Cell Research,” May 14, 2009, at the World Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Congress meeting in London.

Dr. West will collaborate with the overall focus of the conference, which covers everything from the biology to the business of stem cells. Specifically, Dr. West’s presentation will highlight BioTime’s stem-cell research programs that the company anticipates will soon generate revenues for the development and marketing of cell lines.

As well as overall industry challenges and advances, Dr. West, for the first time, will introduce data of progenitor cell lines, produced using BioTime’s ACTCellerate technology. According to the company, the cell lines exhibit markers for becoming cartilage cells, which may be used to treat orthopedic diseases such as arthritis and spinal disease.

Dr. West’s presentation will also be available online at http://www.biotimeinc.com on May 13, 2009.