Earlier this morning, BizRocket.com, Inc. publicly announced its patent pending KidzRocket.com subscription-based social networking website for pre-teens. A Facebook-like website for kids, KidzRocket.com provides a safe, fun, social networking destination with audio-video chat technology.

KidzRocket.com believes its target market is the estimated 80 million households in the U.S. market with children or grandchildren. With subscriptions running at $5.95 a month, the company projects in this ever growing market it could yield revenues of approximately $4.0 million per month as stated in BizRocket.com’s business plan, which the company plans to reach or exceed in its first three years.

According to eMarketer, worldwide social network spending is anticipated to reach $6 billion this year. KidzRocket.com’s mission is to protect Internet active kids who may be purposefully or innocently accessing pornography, posting and emailing sensitive information about themselves and their families, and chatting with potential predators. Parents, school PTO’s, religious groups, and local, state, and federal law enforcement officials have recognized the problems and dangers to children that have resulted from the uncontrolled growth of the Internet.

Websites for kids are becoming ever more popular to meet the growing social networking needs of kids. KidzRocket.com was designed to be the safest social networking website for this very important demographic. Coupled with the free optional KidzRocket Web Filter, the company offers a total Internet experience for kids and provides a huge sense of relief to parents.

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