In spite of the many websites out there catering to kids, makes it clear that absolutely none of them currently offer the unique kid-safe and free support features available with BizRocket’s own The pre-teen oriented KidzRocket site provides a one-of-a-kind social networking platform that provides for parental participation, advanced audio with video feature, a free companion Internet KidzRocket Web Filter, plus free anti-virus capabilities. Traditional sites, in the absence of the advanced filtering and security tools available with KidzRocket, focus on simple site interaction activities versus the flexible peer interaction that the market craves.

• (subscription model, 76 million users) – Kids buy and earn credits to make purchases in the online store, travel from island to island, dressing their avatars and playing games.
• (advertisement model, 54 million users) – Kids use and adopt avatar pets, making associated purchases and playing games.
• (advertisement model, 53 million users) – Designed for girls, where kids can adopt dolls, perform celebrity makeovers, and purchase items online.
• (subscription model – 28 million users) – Kids purchase online in the penguin store, adopt penguins, and chat with penguin friends.
• (subscription model, 4 million users) – Kids construct characters and go on missions, but can instant message friends as they play.
• (subscription model, 2 million users) – Kids own or adopt their own monsters, solve puzzles, have a monster blog, and play online games.

In contrast to such sites, subscription-based KidzRocket has the cutting-edge filter capabilities to allow comprehensive, but safe, social networking, where kids can upload photos and videos, have a video chat, and otherwise communicate freely with their friends, but in a secured online environment. The KidzRocket Internet filter provides real-time image and content scanning, is parent friendly, and is free to use on the primary PC.

The KidzRocket Web Filter also protects children against threatening web and email content even when off the KidzRocket site. The filter gives parents complete control over what their children can and cannot view or search for while on the Internet. To minimize setup, sites can be identified and blocked as a group, and then unblocked selectively as desired. The KidzRocket Web Filter also records all of the blocked sites that family members may have tried to access.

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