, Inc. has developed and recently brought online what it calls the safest and most fun pre-teen social networking site available. Not surprisingly, the site,, is believed to be especially timely and necessary for both kids and their parents, simply because online safety is considered one of the biggest, and yet most difficult to solve, issues that parents now face when raising children. The site was developed to address the now common dangers that pre-teens face when using social networking sites.

One of the major problems is that information kids post on their social networking pages can easily make them vulnerable to predators, as well as cyber-bullying and phishing scams. Phishing comes into play when you or your child receives an email or instant message that appears to be from a government agency, financial institution, Internet Service Provider, or some other trusted organization. The message looks genuine, but is not, and can be used to download viruses or to obtain additional information, leading to various forms of identity theft or worse. Once a system or a name is compromised, it can be exceedingly difficult to repair.

The main page of the KidzRocket site lists specific information that parents need to know about regarding Internet and social networking use by children.

• 71% of adolescents have set up online profiles
• 69% of these adolescents get online personal messages from people they do not know on a regular basis. Even more scarily, most of them do not tell a parent or another trusted adult about it.
• 64% of youth post photos or videos of themselves online, and almost all don’t really think about who might be viewing them. 56% post info about where they live. Nearly 10% have posted their cell phone number online.
• Overall, 19% of adolescents report they have been harassed or bullied online, Girls are more likely to be harassed or bullied than boys.
• Adolescents with parents who have talked to them “a lot” about online safety are less likely to consider going to meet with someone they met on the Internet.

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