, Inc. today announced that recognition of its subscription-based social networking website for pre-teens continues to grow. Similar to Facebook, but designed specifically for pre-teens, is poised to become the leader in children’s Internet safety while providing a fun social networking chat, game and online activity site.

Parents are involved from the beginning as the pre-teen invites friends to his/her page to correspond with and chat. To avoid predators, cyberbulling, and phishing scams, all invitees, buddies and friends who their children communicate with on are pre-approved by the child’s parent.

When the pre-teen leaves the website to move around the Internet, each site or category they attempt to visit is subject to parental pre-approval as well. Internet reports of their child’s online activities are easily generated using the KidzRocket WebFilter, a real-time image composition analysis software engine included with a KidzRocket subscription.

“Parents know exactly what’s going on while their children have fun with friends online. Our proprietary, patent pending, cutting edge technology meets or exceeds current standards for Internet safety sites for children and pre-teens. From the website platform to the sign up process, we have the safeguards in place to ensure children are communicating only with pre-approved friends and buddies and visiting only pre-approved sites,” stated Myriam Cohen , President of BizRocket, Inc.

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