, Inc. today announced growing acceptance of its subscription based social networking website. Providing a safe, fun, social networking website for children, allows its younger audience to communicate with friends and buddies using a safe chat room with audio-visual technology. The system supports all activities for up to five family users at a cost of only $5.95 a month. also offers free parental Internet control to offer children a safe website experience.

According to eMarketer, worldwide social network spending is anticipated to reach $6 billion this year. The social networking market for kids age 13 and under is estimated at over one billion dollars per year and rapidly growing., Inc. is focused on earning a significant share of that revenue stream for shareholders and providing a safe Internet experience for pre-teens., Inc., projects annual revenues to exceed $50 million by third year of full operations. has positioned itself to become the leader in Internet safety for kids. To avoid predators, cyberbullying, and phishing scams, all invitees, buddies and friends must be pre-approved by each child’s parent. With the free, easy to use companion KidzRocket WebFilter module, parents can also select defined Internet access privileges and know which websites their kids accessed or attempted to access. The WebFilter utilizes cutting edge real time image and context scanning using F4i real-time image composition analysis (ICA) engine to detect Internet images and other content that can be viewed both online and embedded within emails.

“ has implemented the needed technology that meets or exceeds current standards for a safe Internet site for kids. From the website platform to the sign up process, safeguards are in place to ensure that children are communicating only with pre-approved friends and buddies,” stated Myriam Cohen, President,, Inc., parent of

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