Bizzingo, Inc. is a social media company that provides businesses a way to introduce their product or service globally by leveraging and expanding their brand and image. The company effectively communicates businesses’ marketing message to target audiences, facilitating sales, while connecting all existing social media relationships together in a single online hub.

The company announced today that it has signed a letter of intent with to confirm discussions concerning a merger or some other form of business arrangement between the two companies. is a company engaged in reputation management and online marketing.

The letter of intent provides for reaching definitive agreements for a transaction by September 1, 2011. There is no assurance that any agreement will be reached by that deadline date. However, if an agreement is reached, the combined services of both companies would position Bizzingo to offer a large suite of services including online marketing, reputation management, and a social network designed for businesses.

A merger will strengthen Bizzingo’s business through the acquisition of in-house development and sales resources, along with a growing and proven revenue stream. Bizzingo’s social media platform will be capable of providing major opportunities for businesses on the web. Specifically, it will create brand awareness, manage online reputation, research technologies and competitors, and generate leads for potential prospects.

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