Black Hawk Exploration reported that the company has acquired three mineral leases in the western United States through a competitive bidding process. The company believes that the area is prospective for potassium and lithium.

Black Hawk Exploration reported that the newly acquired leases are less than a mile from a known federal potash leasing area, and has access to roads and other infrastructure needed for development.

Black Hawk Exploration said that the three leases total 2,000 acres and are located in the Paradox Salt Basin in San Juan County, Utah. The Paradox Salt Basin is approximately 33,000 square miles in size and underlies parts of Utah and Colorado.

The leases are located on land administered by the Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (STLA), an agency set up to manage properties given to Utah by the federal government when it was admitted to the United States. The STLA controls 3.5 million acres of surface lands and one million acres of sub surface mineral rights.

Black Hawk Exploration also has interests in oil and gas leases in Cowley County, Kansas. The company is currently recompleting a well in this area and is targeting the Layton, Mississippi and Arbuckle formations.

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