Black Hawk Exploration, Inc., – the gold, silver and lithium exploration firm, announced today that wholly owned subsidiary Golden Black Hawk sent some more samples (from gold-bearing material collected at the Dun Glen Gold Project) off to ALS Chemex’ Laboratory Group’s Mineral Division for independent analysis.

ALS Chemex will employ its typical battery of analytical techniques to the samples, with special attention to the presence of coarse gold, and should have the results out for study within 10 days.

The target zones being analyzed for gold and silver mineralization are the Auld Lang Syne, Black Hole, and the Monroe. Phase 2 of exploration will be initialized with the auger drilling for a series of samples at these sites around July 12th of this year.

Projections for the three sites at the Dun Glen Gold Project in Pershing County, Nevada indicate roughly 50k tons of material showing significant gold and silver mineralization.

CEO of BHWX, Kevin M. Murphy, related that this issuance of samples for testing signals the start of the Phase 2 program to “delineate gold and silver reserves at Dun Glen”, and is consistent with the Company’s stated objective of making BHWX a contender in the gold and silver production sector.

Mr. Murphy went on to note the presence of management, as well as the Company’s trusted consulting agent, Hunsaker, Inc., at Dun Glen for Phase 2, forecasting that testing results will validate his belief that this will be a major historical landmark for the Company and its shareholders.

Murphy cited existing data, which indicates values ranging up to 4.77 Ounces Per Ton (opt) gold concentrations as sufficient basis for this belief, and cited the base average concentrations as solid evidence of the overall mineralization profile at the site:

• Auld Lang Syne, 0.015 opt
• Black Hole, 0.23 opt
• Monroe 0.04 opt

The Black Hole in particular shows interesting hits, with 18 of 87 samples well over the average and four samples well above this (0.83, 1.86, 4.27, and 4.77 opt).

Black Hawk Exploration also has roots in Nevada’s Lithium-rich Clayton Valley and is working hard to develop its footprint in this rapidly growing commodity.