Correction, Wednesday, 11:59 p.m. EST: A previous version of this article referred to the Fox Business Network as Fox Business News. The story has since been updated to reflect the correct name of the network.

BlackBerry’s ambitious Priv slider phone has been launched in selected countries. Although, there is no official number available to ascertain the reception of the new flagship, the device’s unique features have nevertheless garnered attention across the globe. This includes the sliding physical keyboard, curved display and Android OS. Meanwhile, BlackBerry CEO John Chen apparently appeared in a Fox Business Network interview and assured that BlackBerry Priv is not the end for the company.

John Chen was asked by Fox Business Network about some critics calling the BlackBerry Priv as a "Hail Mary." Chen apparently shot back saying the new flagship is not a Hail Mary as the device has been under development for two years and it wasn’t ideated at the last moment to save the company, Phone Arena reported.

Furthermore, the CEO also acknowledged that the market's response to Priv will help the company determine whether to continue the hardware end of business or to abandon it. In the process, he also admitted that the Canadian tech giant is working on a slew of products and hence, there is life after the Priv.

Meanwhile, Phone Arena said that one such future product could be the well-received BlackBerry Passport with Android OS, straight out of the box. Not long ago, photos of such a device leaked online. However, this handset will be released only after gauging the reception of the Android powered Priv.

BlackBerry, in general, is known for security and privacy. Fox Business Network prodded Chen about this particular aspect by asking if the company could promise that the BlackBerry handset’s security will never be compromised or hacked. Chen apparently said the company does not claim that BlackBerry devices cannot be hacked. However, he did acknowledge the enterprise server software which is part of the devices, including the Priv, will make it hard to hack in case the handset was locked down.

Here, check out the interview of BlackBerry CEO John Chen: (Credit: YouTube/Fox Business Network)