The BlackBerry Curve has managed to outsell the Apple iPhone in the first quarter of 2009 according to Research in Motion Ltd.

That, incidentally, makes the BlackBerry Curve the best selling smartphone in U.S. If that wasn't enough, RIM dominated the smartphones chart with as many as three handsets finding place in the coveted top 5 largest selling phones list there.

The third and fourth spots were given to two other BlackBerry phones; the Storm and the Pearl. T-Mobile's G1 took the fifth place.

The fact that RIM has managed to beat the iPhone 3G, which was the top seller in the last two quarters of 2008, comes as a big achievement in itself.

In 2008, the Curve came in at a close second while the Palm Centro stood at the third place. One factor behind the Curve making such a huge headway is that unlike the iPhone, which is limited to one carrier, the Curve is available on all the four major networks in U.S.

Apple is expected to unveil a new smartphone in the upcoming months making the smartphone competition fiercer.

Palm is also expected to launch its highly-anticipated Pre smartphone is set to launch during the second quarter.