In episode 12 it was a cult, in episode 13 the bad guy was just one man … or was it a woman? NBC’s “The Blacklist” was back Thursday with episode 13, “The Deer Hunter,” and Red (James Spader) and Liz (Megan Boone) were on trail of a mysterious serial killer who had been on the loose for a decade. As if that were not enough for Liz to handle, the episode also saw Liz facing the music for a past mistake.

Here are four things we learned from episode 13:

1. The Deer Hunter

In the new episode, Liz was trying to find a serial killer who had been on the loose for years and who had just committed another murder. Luckily, Red was able to help. However, he wanted something in return. Red told Liz he would assist with the Deer Hunter -- pointing out a critical mistake in the FBI investigation -- if Liz would tell him about the Fulcrum. Liz agreed and Red went through evidence that would indicate that the Deer Hunter was not a man, but a woman.

Later, Liz and Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) caught a serial killer enthusiast taking pictures of the new cadaver. He put forth a theory that the recent string of murders was not the work of the Deer Hunter, but a copycat killer. Forensic evidence later confirmed the theory. When Aram (Amir Arison) and Samar (Mozhan Marnò) isolated the victims of the copycat killer, they found that they were not victims at all, but perpetrators of domestic abuse. Furthermore, the spouses of all six murdered men had sought legal counsel at the same non-profit.

What had really been going on was that a woman at the non-profit, Tracy (Amanda Plummer), had been murdering the husbands or boyfriends of the female victims she met at the non-profit in the same manner as the Deer Hunter. When Liz and Ressler got suspicious of one of the women, Mary (Sepideh Moafi), they paid her a visit. However, Tracy had been there first, beating Mary to death and fleeing. Liz pursued the serial killer, but ended up being captured by Tracy herself -- yes, another “Blacklist” kidnapping situation.

While in captivity, Tracy confessed that her husband had been the original Deer Hunter -- so the killer was a man and a woman. After killing her husband, Tracy wanted to help other women in violent situations . However, Liz was able to rattle the copycat killer by accusing her of being no different than her husband. Tracy became angry and charged Liz, leading to a scuffle in which Liz nearly strangled Tracy to death before Ressler and the FBI barged in and stopped her.

The incident, combined with the pending harbor master investigation -- see below -- had Liz thinking about turning herself into the police and getting out of the game. However, Ressler gave her some tough love, reminding her how many people they save with their task force. 

2. Liz Under Investigation

Remember that police investigation into the murder of the harbor master? Well, it was finally catching up with Liz and she received a phone call informing her that Samoan (Dante Nero) had ratted out her and Tom (Ryan Eggold). Liz would have to come up with something quick to keep her out of handcuffs.

Luckily for Liz, Red was handling it himself, getting to Samoan and bribing the man by offering to help get his brother a much-needed heart transplant. When the police came to Samoan for an official statement for the Feds, he stayed silent.

3. The Fulcrum

At the end of the episode, Liz finally told Red what he wanted to hear -- she had the Fulcrum. However, she wanted to know what it was before she revealed its location. Dissatisfied with Red’s answer, she told him nothing more.

4. Where’s Tom?

After some misleading teases in the episode’s promos, Tom did not make an appearance in  episode 13, but it looks like he will back in episode 14. Fans will have to wait one more week.

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