Though “The Blacklist” was competing with “Monday Night Football,” after episode 8, “The Decembrist,” the NBC series will now be off until football is over. Nov. 10 was the fall finale of “The Blacklist,” which will return after the Super Bowl in February. However, there were some questions to answer first with Red (James Spader) revealing he had found Berlin’s (Peter Stormare) daughter in episode 7.

Episode 8 began by showing how Liz (Megan Boone) secretly saved Tom (Ryan Eggold) after he was shot in the Season 1 finale, and interrogated him for information about Berlin. The intense conversations lasted for weeks, bringing fans up to date with what we saw in the last episode.

Meanwhile, Berlin, realizing his daughter was alive, was confused about who had misinformed him. His daughter, Zoe (Scottie Thompson), on the other hand revealed that a man named the Decembrist had helped her flee to America to hide from her father (she was still not happy about things he had done in the past).

After Red told Liz that he was now working with Berlin, she was upset (to say the least), but he convinced her to help them find the Decembrist. Liz put the F.B.I. on the case and while they do not get permission to pursue the man (he’s a high ranking Russian official), she passes the name on to Red who heads to Moscow with Berlin for some payback.

However, Liz has other things to worry about. A boating worker close to where she was keeping Tom stumbled upon her hideout and Liz was forced to take him prisoner. While deciding what to do, Tom kills the man trying to force her hand (believing she will not kill him) and get her to let him go.

In Moscow, Red and Berlin tracked down the Russian official they believed to be the Decembrist, but it turned out he was just a pawn. The Decembrist was actually Alan Fitch (Alan Alda). Red paid the NSA director a visit, angry that he had been lied to about Berlin. Red wanted to let Berlin take Fitch out, but he also knew he would be in danger without the protection he was under from their agreement. However, things got complicated when Berlin was able to kidnap Fitch.

Both frustrated, Red and Liz met where he she finally confessed to keeping Tom prisoner. Red was interested in Tom in order to find Berlin, who had gone underground after taking Fitch. Red needed to stop Berlin to keep himself safe.

Liz returned to the hideout to grill Tom, but he would only give her Berlin if she let him go. Liz finally agreed in exchange for the address Berlin was holding Fitch hostage. With the address, the F.B.I. barged in and found the missing NSA head, but he had a bomb attached to his neck.

While the F.B.I. worked to disassemble the bomb, Berlin got lunch with his daughter in an attempt to reconnect. However, Zoe was only leading Red to Berlin, who crashed the lunch (in a moment that almost made you feel bad for Berlin). Red demanded to know how to stop the bomb.

Back at the F.B.I. black site, Fitch asked to see Red. Red showed up with the bad news that there was no way to disarm the bomb. Fitch told Red that there would be a chain reaction from his death with people no longer afraid to come after Red anymore. He wanted assurance from Red that Red still had the fulcrum -- but what could the fulcrum be? He also gave Red the combination to a safe, but the bomb went off before he could give the exact location.

Red then met with Berlin, sharing a bottle of vodka with the Russian killer before shooting him dead.

Finally, Red went to Liz’s hideout where she told him that she had let Tom go and could not control the situation with her husband. In their first compassionate moment in awhile, Red held her, telling her a person has no control when they are in love.

However, the biggest shocker came in the last scene of the season when Red met with Tom, giving him something before making him promise to never see Liz again. Apparently, the two have more history then fans realize. It will be a long wait for spring premiere.  

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