When episode 12 came to a close, Liz (Megan Boone) was shown considering putting her future baby up for adoption.  Liz wants to know why she was put up for adoption, but first Red (James Spader) has her help him track down a man that he has to settle a score with. Would the answer to Liz's adoption be revealed in epsiode 13?  

Episode 13 begins with Alistair Pitt (Tony Shalhoub), also known as the Matchmaker, who shows up when a son of crime boss Mads Eriksson, gets shot by a rival crime family, the Vacarro’s. Pitt’s goal is to bring the two families together, so that he can get a cut of the profit when the two sides start working with one another.

Liz is meets with an adoption agency and informs them she wants to have an open adoption so she can still see the child. When she gets back home she finds Red there waiting for her. He tells her that they have to stop the Matchmaker. Liz, however, is focused on trying to get answers out of Red about her mother. She wants to know if she was still alive when her mother put her up for adoption with Sam, why she did it and how her mother died. Red doesn’t give her an answer because the situation with the Matchmaker is urgent.

Liz tells Cooper (Harry Lennix), Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) and Samar (Mozhan Marno) about the case. Ressler fears if the two families do merger, they’d control most of the drug trafficking on the east coast. Ressler learns from the DEA that the two heads of the families are going to meet, which baffles the DEA.

Danny Vacarro meets with Mads Eriksson while Liz and the teams looks on with surveillance. Pitt suggests they “stop the bloodshed by joining the bloodlines” by having the daughter of Vacarro marry one of Eriksson’s sons. He assured both men that if they do join forces and one betrays the other, he has a list of clients who will come destroy the entire family of the side that broke the bond.

Instead of waiting on the FBI to discover the whereabouts of the Matchmaker, Red gets the location from an old friend, who had people track down his location at a hotel. At the hotel, Eriksson sits down again with the Matchmaker after Vacarro has agreed to move forward with the merge. All Eriksson has to do is convince his son to marry Vacarro’s daughter.

Rissler follows the Matchmaker out of the hotel after the meeting, but he loses him. Rissler sees a black Escalade pulls up alongside a couple, which is Mads’ youngest son and fiancé. Men then shoot and kill the fiancé. The son wants Mads to go after Vacarro, but his father and the Matchmaker convince him that the only way to stop the violence is to join families.

After Liz gets a call about a possible family who could adopt her future baby, Red informs the FBI that the fiancé was the target and an arranged marriage is how the two families will be joined. Another meeting of the families is set to take place and Red has something up his sleeve to get in on that meeting to stop the marriage.

The Blacklist The Matchmaker (Tony Shalhoub) looks to make money off the merging of the Eriksson and Vacarro families in episode 13 of "The Blacklist" Season 3. Photo: NBC

Red goes to Mad’s house to meet with the family head. To earn Mad’s trust, Red tips off his men of a DEA raid, which in turn gets Red invited to the family meeting. However, Vacarro has plans of his own and wants to kill all of the Erikssons at the meeting so the families don’t join bloodlines.

The FBI is able to trace the Matchmaker’s phone to an Alistair Pitt, who plans on leaving shortly after the wedding. Surveillance is set up inside the wedding as Liz watches from the van with Rissler. Just before Vacarro is about to give the signal for his men to take out all the Erikssons, Red stands up and starts giving a toast to the new couple. Red tries to draw out the Matchmaker by outing all that he has done.

Once the Matchmaker shows up, the FBI moves in and Vacarro gives his men the order and they start shooting the Erikssons. When the FBI comes in Red grabs the Matchmaker and makes a run for it.

The DEA tries to stop Red, but Liz comes to his aid. She then learns that the reason he put it all together was to get to the Matchmaker for himself. It turns out that Red had a very personal reason for wanting to get to the Matchmaker. The Matchmaker had arranged a marriage between the woman Red loved, Josephine Molier, for the same reasons he was trying to get the Erikssons and Vacarros to merge.

The man Josephine was engaged to beat her to the point where she was left paralyzed in a wheel chair. Red shoots and kills the Matchmaker and goes to see Josephine to let her know it’s done.

When Liz goes to meet with the potential family for her child, the couple doesn’t show up. Liz is told by the adoption agent that the family is interested still, but they’ll only do it if it’s a closed adoption. This means that Liz will never get to know her child if she goes through with the adoption.

Other Major Moments From Episode 13

Throughout the episode, Red has flashbacks to when he was eating dinner with Josephine in France. At one point it appeared that Josephine had a mark on her arm. Could this be Liz’s mother and could her being paralyzed be why Liz was put up for adoption?

Tom (Ryan Eggold) turns to his ex-girlfriend Gina Zanetakos (Margarita Levieva) for a job. She gets him involved in a diamond robbery, which the two are able to execute. She also gives Tom a kiss in the process.