Blacksands Petroleum, Inc. recently provided an update on its oil and gas activities in the United States, where the company is developing various formations in Texas, Colorado and New Mexico.

Blacksands Petroleum, Inc. has started drilling the Everett Well No. 3 located at the Clark field project in Texas. The company plans to drill the well to a total depth of 9,200 feet and test out various formations including the Wolfcamp, Strawn, and Spraberry zones.

Blacksands Petroleum, Inc. also plans to commence drilling in the Pedregosa Basin Project located in New Mexico. The company’s first well will be the Big Hatchet State No. 14-1, which will test the hydrocarbon potential of various sandstones and carbonates in the Percha Shale. The Big Hatchet State No. 14-1 will be drilled to a total depth of 7,000 feet.

Blacksands Petroleum, Inc. reported that it has completed a seismic survey on 37 linear miles of its property in the Hueco South Unit of the Pedregosa Basin Project. This data will be evaluated by the company’s technical staff to plan future drilling opportunities in the basin.

Blacksands Petroleum, Inc. holds a 50% working interest in the Pedregosa Basin Project, and is partnering with the Dan A. Hughes Company.

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