The science-fiction classic film Blade Runner will get a new Final Cut treatment by Director Ridley Scott for a short theatrical run and DVD release later this year.

For its 25th anniversary, the film will get a short theatrical release on October 5 in Los Angeles and New York and a December 18 DVD release.

The new version of the film Blade Runner: The Final Cut will include restored and remastered material from the original version, including new and extended scenes. New digital effects and Dolby Digital audio will also be added, as well as commentaries by Scott.

The film will be released in several DVD versions from Warner Home video, including two, four and five disc versions.

The DVDs will be released on both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray versions.

The Final Cut is the product of a process that began in early 2000 and continued off and on through seven years of intense research and meticulous restoration, technical challenges, amazing discoveries and new possibilities, said Scott. I can now wholeheartedly say that Blade Runner: The Final Cut is my definitive director’s cut of the film.

Disc One will include the film along with commentaries by the director, producers and screenwriters and other technical staff.

Disc Two will include a feature-length documentary

On the 4-disc version, Disc Three will include the 1982 U.S. theatrical version, the 1982 International version and the 1992 Director's cut.

Disc 4 will included 17 bonus featurettes and other promotional footage.

On the 5-disc version, Disc Five will include the ultra-rare, near-legendary WORKPRINT version of the film, newly remastered. It's the most radically different of all Blade Runner cuts.