Country star Blake Shelton and “Used To Love You” singer Gwen Stefani might be thrilled about their new relationship, but their bosses at NBC’s “The Voice” are reportedly worried about the coaches dating, Radar Online wrote in an exclusive report Thursday. While things are harmonious right now, executives fear what might happen if their relationship sours.

 “If something goes wrong with them then the show is screwed because the audience and crew loves Gwen and loves Blake and does not want either of them to go anywhere," the source warned. “NBC executives are actually worried sick about these two being involved in a serious relationship.”

There’s not much the brass at NBC can do, but they do have a plan. “Their bosses know that they have to sit them both down and have a straightforward talk about this sooner rather than later,” the source told Radar Online. 

Their concern could have been one of the reasons Shelton and Stefani waited so long to confirm their relationship. Rumors have swirled since the two made their debut on Season 9 of the hit reality singing show, but their onscreen flirting was undeniable.

For now, things are going well. Shelton, 39, and Stefani, 46, have already been inspired by each other and are reportedly working on a duet. Even though Stefani typically writes pop ballads, she went country for her collaboration with the “Sangria” singer. 

“Of course it’s great for right now," the production insider told Radar Online about the new relationship. "The studio is predicting that this week’s show will be the highest-rated one that ‘The Voice’  has ever seen. Everyone will tune in, which is exactly what they all want right now.” 

Technically, Shelton still hasn’t addressed his new affair. It was Stefani’s rep who released a statement before the 2015 CMA Awards in Nashville, Tennessee, Wednesday. “Gwen and Blake are longtime friends who have very recently started dating,” the rep told Perez Hilton

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