Who doesn’t love Rich Dotcom in NBC’s “Blindspot”? The FBI drama is always serious, delving into topics like global surveillance systems and missions with disastrous effects for the nation. Therefore, Rich’s presence in Season 2, episode 7 was like a breath of fresh air.

Here’s what happened in “Resolves Eleven Myths”:

The FBI Is Hacked

While Nas Kamal (Archie Punjabi), Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton), Edgar Reade (Rob Brown), Tasha Zapata (Audrey Esparza) mull over Jane Doe’s (Jaimie Alexander) decision to save Roman rather than give Patterson (Ashely Johnson) the files in the microchip, the team finds out that the FBI has been hacked. Every server, computer and device has been shut down. Who is behind this?

Rich Dotcom (Ennis Esmer). The hacker and dark web expert appears in the screen on an FBI computer and orders them to bomb a place or else he would delete all the files in the FBI. Then he makes a reference to Kurt’s Pennsylvania beer which makes it clear to the team’s leader that he’s holed up in his apartment.

Kurt Arrests Rich

The team quickly arrest Rich in Kurt’s apartment and bring him in for questioning. Of course Rich has a cool story about how he only wanted to get the FBI’s attention and that an expert and highly efficient assassin is targeting him in “Blindspot” Season 2, episode 7. He also spins a tale about how his boyfriend was killed by the murderer in England.

Patterson goes to check out the story while Kurt and the team put Rich in the FBI’s holding cell. It’s a good thing Rich never stays put where he should because after he climbs through the vents and emerges in the FBI office, the team learns that an active shooter took out two security guards. Someone is definitely targeting Rich.

Reade And Zapata Fight Over Jones’ Case

Meanwhile, Zapata makes it clear to Reade that she thinks he killed Coach Jones. Reade continues to tell her he didn’t but she won’t buy it. Then Zapata gets a call from the inspector solving Jones’ case and he informs her that they found the murder weapon -- a knife. It could also be the missing knife in Reade’s apartment.

‘Blindspot’ Zapata actress Audrey Esparza is having so much fun on the set of “Blindspot” Season 2. Photo: NBC

Angry with her accusations, Edgar asks Tasha to back off and leave it alone. Later, when she still won’t back down, the FBI Agent accuses her of getting involved in the case because it’s just like gambling, except that she’s betting on him in a high risk game.

Patterson Is Injured

Meanwhile, the assassin makes a chemical bomb and places it inside the elevator. Patterson tries to neutralize the chemical reaction that will result in an explosion using hand sanitizers. But the bomb goes off when she cuts the wrong wire and she gets injured.

Zapata Is Injected With A Deadly Neurotoxin

The assassin is tired of chasing after Rich. He quickly makes Zapata and Reade unconscious and drags the former to a room. There, he injects Tasha with a deadly neurotoxin and marks three vials. Only one vial is the antidote.

Jane Takes Down The Assassin

With Zapata’s life hanging in the balance, the team comes up with a good plan – program the security cameras to make Rich seem like he is alone in the office while Nas and Reade find Tasha. Then, they can arrest the assassin and find out which vial is the antidote.

However, things don’t go quite as planned. The assassin is like a ninja in his hand-to-hand combat skills. He quickly disarms and knocks down both Weller and Jane. It’s a good thing Jane’s anger kicks in because she quickly knocks him down. But when he’s about to plunge a knife in Weller, the leader has no choice but to stab him. He dies. And they still don’t know which vial is the antidote.

Fortunately, Zapata saw which vial was marked the antidote before the killer removed the labels. Nas injects it and she’s saved.

You Really Thought You Could Get Away, Rich?

After the show is over, Rich is taken into custody and Kurt phones the correctional facility to take him in. However, a devious Rich and his (alive) partner have worked together to plan his escape. His boyfriend poses as a correctional officer, hires two bulky men to pose as guards and takes Rich. It’s a good thing that Patterson sees right through his scheming ways. Kurt and his team quickly stop the vehicle carrying the hacker and arrest him for real.

Zapata Makes A Shocking Discovering

Zapata isn’t ready to leave the knife alone. She sneaks in to the evidence room in the police station and takes the envelope containing the knife. When she’s safe with the evidence in the car, she removes the knife from the envelope. It’s Freddy’s knife, not Reade’s. Freddy is Coach Jones’ killer.

Roman Learns Where Jane’s Loyalties Lie

“Blindspot” Season 2, episode 7 ends with Roman (Luke Mitchell) getting a 911 page from the mole they planted in the FBI. Roman reaches at their agreed dead drop and finds a copy of the downloaded content from the microchip Jane had with her in Bradley Dynamics. The file also has a typed message stating that Jane’s loyalties are with the FBI, not Sandstorm.

Elsewhere, Kurt accepts Nas’ apology for bugging Borden’s office. She claims to have done it to keep track of Jane.

“Blindspot” Season 2 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on NBC.