Bloggerwave Inc., a worldwide leader in using blogs to promote the products and services of its clients, announced today the massive implications for the Company’s bottom line of a newly released report by The Nielsen Company on social media networks.

The report, published last month on Nielsen’s news feed site Nielsen Wire, indicated a whopping 82% increase in social media networking site usage, an increase from 3 to 5.5 hours per month in 2009.

Nielsen is renowned for forecasting trends and activity in global media formats, and this new report from them also showed that the vast majority of time spent online was dedicated to blogs and social networking sites like Facebook and that such sites were now typically also the homepage of most users.

This is great news for a company like BLGW which has mastered the art of coupling its clientele to pre-approved bloggers from all over the world.

This innovative marketing approach allows bloggers to harness their audience and write about the products and services offered by a given client, increasing overall market penetration while enhancing brand identity for the client/product, prompting exposure, ratcheting up the rank on popular search engines, and generating more hits for the blog and client, thus offering symbiotic benefits to the blogger as well.

Director of BLGW Ulrik Thomsen cited the report by Nielsen as a clear indicator that social media is here to stay and that it is growing at a “mind-boggling” rate, evidence which Thomsen said validated the Company’s business model of “leveraging social media for marketing opportunities” – a model he boasted BLGW had developed far ahead of the trend indicated by the report.

This independent source of data and the strong profile it clearly shows is proof to current and future BLGW investors that the Company’s sophisticated techniques for Social Media Optimization (SMO) offer necessary and cutting-edge investment opportunities.

Because all of their customers are visiting blogs and social media sites daily, businesses have no choice but to address this trend and formulate strategies to approach their customers via the medium, and BLGW is the ideal solution, according to Thomsen, for harnessing the inherent potential of this growing dynamic.