TV just got a whole lot sexier! On Sunday, Sept. 27, the new ABC drama “Blood & Oil” will be seeping onto our small screens with its anticipated series premiere. But before the Josh Pate and Rodes Fishburne-created soap airs its pilot episode, check out everything you should know about television’s hottest – and dare we say bloodiest – new show.

1. Series Premiere Synopsis

“Billy (Chace Crawford) and Cody Lefever (Rebecca Rittenhouse) are a young, recently married couple with dreams bigger than their working-class upbringing,” the summary reveals. The newlyweds will find themselves packing up their things, along with thousands of others, to follow the “largest oil discovery in American history” taking place in Rock Springs, North Dakota – the area that’s rumored to have a “millionaire made every day.”

This is where Billy will cross paths with oil tycoon Hap Briggs (Don Johnson) and his powerful wife Carla (Amber Valletta) – not to mention Hap’s villainous son Wick (Scott Michael Foster). “Tangling with the titans” causes Billy to bet big, which causes his wife to “question his intentions, and ultimately, their marriage.”

2. Daddy Drama

Foster told International Business Times that his character, as menacing as he is, is also a sensitive soul – one who is just out to seek the approval of his father.

“He’s an entitled, wealthy kid who grew up getting everything he wanted except for his father’s attention,” Foster revealed, adding that the lack of love from his old man will cause Wick to “lash out,” hoping to get his dear dad to notice him. And he does… especially when Wick makes a million dollar mistake, one that causes Hap to cut his son off from the family fortune.

“It’ll be a struggle to get back in his good graces – to reconnect again,” Foster told IBT.

3. Wick v. Billy

With Wick out of the picture, Hap will start to connect with Billy, an upstarter with big ambitions. This relationship will drive Wick even further into despair as he watches his dad take someone else under his wing.

“I can only speculate what will happen, but it think what is more likely to [occur] is there will be sort of a surrogate son relationship between Billy and Hap,” Foster theorized, admitting that Billy is the type of son Hap would have wanted.

4. Strong Female Leads

The “Blood & Oil” men might be hot but the ladies are fiercer. Both Cody and Carla will put everything on the line for the sake of their family’s – but for very different reasons. While Cody wants to protect her’s from the dangers lurking in North Dakota, Carla will “stop at nothing to build an empire.”

We can’t watch these ladies go head-to-head!

5. Something New

During an interview with People magazine, Crawford divulged just why TV-lovers should tune into the oil rush drama.

“Everyone is really strong, and the episodes from what I've seen look great,” he promised. “It's going to be a fun show. There's something for everyone and there's not anything out there like it right now. Check it out.”

6. Inspired By True Life Events

Foster revealed to IBT that viewers will notice that the show’s storylines will be similar to issues that are going on in the world today involving oil.

“[‘Blood & Oil’ is] definitely going to touch on things that are happening currently in the real world. Think about all the things you’ve heard last year about fracking and the Trans Canadian pipeline – these are all topics that end up in our show that will deal with the real life politics of people [questioning], ‘Should we be up there fracking? Is it right? Is it safe?’ We’re going to deal with all of that,” he said.

The “Blood & Oil” series premiere will air on Sunday, Sept. 27, at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC.