During the Paris Games Week event, Sony and developer From Software showcased the newest trailer to “Bloodborne: The Old Hunters,” which is set for a release next month. The trailer doesn’t show too many details regarding the expansion, though fans do get a sneak peek of the new monsters and weapons.

The video was part of a stream for “The Old Hunters” expansion, reported VG24/7. Sony and From Software have yet to release the full stream video, so fans will have to take this minute long trailer for now.

From what can be seen in the trailer, one of the expansion’s newer aspects are the transforming weapons. This allows players to combine two different tools to make an incredibly powerful weapon, which decimates foes fairly easily, though the same probably can’t be said for the boss monsters.

Only one new boss has been shown so far, but it is frightening to look at. Judging from its appearance in the trailer, it looks like an odd hybrid between a horse and a dragon, with two heads for the extra scary factor. The boss also looked enormous compared to the player, which should lead to a fairly difficult boss battle.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, this will be the only expansion pack that “Bloodborne” will be getting. The length of the expansion is currently unknown, but it may take fans awhile to finish it, considering how “Bloodborne” is famous for its challenging difficulty.

It was recently announced that there would be a “Bloodborne: Game of the Year edition,” which will come packed with “The Old Hunters.” So far, this version of the game is only solicited for a European release, though it could also come to North America sometime after.

“Bloodborne” fans that want more out of their game can download “The Old Hunters” on Nov. 24 for $19.99 on the PlayStation Network. A copy of “Bloodborne” is needed to play “The Old Hunters,” since it is not a standalone expansion.

“Bloodborne: Game of the Year” currently has no price, but is scheduled for a Nov. 25 release date. Another game by From Software, “Dark Souls 3” will be coming out next year.

Bloodborne Reveal Trailer - Paris Games Week (Credit: YouTube/Paris Games Week)