Koei Tecmo has released the very first gameplay video of the “Attack on Titan” game and it looks incredibly violent, much like the manga and anime it’s based on. Fans were curious as to how the gameplay would be like, and from what can be seen so far, it looks very faithful to the source material.

Whether players are using Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Levi or anyone else, they will be soaring through the sky and heading straight into danger when they face off against the Titans. The video captures the gruesome nature of its source material, with hacked limbs and tons of blood.

However, the game also manages to display the grace and fluidity of the character movement, according to Kotaku. Characters soar through the air with style and grace while trying to keep themselves away from the grasp of the Titans.

Fans can also see how the game’s cel-shaded graphics look in motion, and so far they look great, perfectly capturing the feel, characters and locations from the anime. The Titans are also horrifying to look at, which is how they should look, considering how big of a threat they are.

The amount of blood coming from a Koei Tecmo game is a bit surprising, as pointed out by Pocket Gamer. The game publisher has worked on violent games before like “Dynasty Warriors” and “Dead or Alive,” but they’ve never shown blood or any hacked limbs for that matter. It does work, however, since both the show and manga are incredibly dark, violent and morbid, so the developers are just being faithful to the source material.

This video is a huge improvement over the previous teaser trailer, which only showed some title cards and some nice-looking artwork. With some stylish violence and a teaser for an interesting Titan in the end, it's clear that this game will make fans of “Attack on Titan” very happy.

“Attack on Titan” is being developed for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. It will be coming out this winter in Japan, while Western gamers have to wait till next year to stab a Titan in the neck. Fans can expect this title to get an M for Mature rating.

ATTACK ON TITAN - (PS4/PS3) - TGS 2015 Trailer (1st Gameplay Footage) (Credit: YouTube/PS360HD2)