Blue Earth, the leading cleantech developer, which specializes in energy efficiency, water and waste water, reported today that subsidiary Castrovilla, Inc. implemented its contract to provide a turnkey commercial refrigeration energy efficiency solution to Roseville Electric.

The contract calls for a full-spectrum treatment, covering everything from the design of the program to installation, administration, evaluation, marketing, measurement and verification.

The contract is quite similar to the other “KEEP YOUR COOL” programs that Castrovilla has previously implemented and will feature the same kind of ingenious solutions that have won the Company such critical acclaim.

This program is targeting the some $923k Roseville Electric has as part of an Energy Efficiency Community Block Grant apportioned via the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), and Castrovilla has made a firm commitment to hire local technicians in accordance with ARRA guidelines promoting organic job creation.

President of Castrovilla, John Pink, hailed the Roseville Electric decision to apply its ARRA funding to this endeavor, pointing out how the wildly successful KEEP YOUR COOL rebate program (approximately 18.2 cents per kWh in the first year) could be used here as a cost effectiveness multiplier for the utility and its small commercial customers.

Pink enjoined other utilities in the industry who seek to institute energy efficiency targets while creating local jobs to follow Roseville Electric’s bold leadership.

Castrovilla has an impressive track record developing solutions for over 6k businesses and utilities in Northern California and the Company offers a wide variety of utility ratepayer-funded energy efficiency rebate programs like the one developed for the KEEP YOUR COOL program.

By offering comprehensive energy auditing and complete refrigeration efficiency upgrades, such rebate programs allow small businesses restaurants, supermarkets and other facilities utilizing refrigeration equipment to save tens of millions on energy while reducing environmental pollution.

Castrovilla is a shining example of the BBLU mandate to help drive the global push for sustainable infrastructure to new and unprecedented heights by offering products and services in conjunction with programs like KEEP YOUR COOL.

CEO of BBLU, Dr. Johnny R. Thomas, attributed much of Castrovilla’s acclaim to the experienced leadership of Mr. Pink, who he cites as being instrumental in the development of a business model at Castrovilla which offers a superior kW and kWh profile for both utilities and end users.