Blue Ivy Carter became an instant topic of discussion the very moment Beyonce and husband Jay-Z announced the name of their child. Rumors even have it that the name Blue Ivy or Eulb Yvi means Lucifer's daughter.

The name seems to have got a new meaning in Hollywood. Many medical marijuana dispensaries in Hollywood have named brands after Beyonce's much hyped one-week-old baby. The drug is named 'OG Blue Ivy'.

According to a report in TMZ, many dispensaries in Hollywood are selling a new strain of drugs and none of them have received any kind of legal notice so far from the singer couple.

Blue Ivy Carter, who is the youngest person to appear on Billboard chart, was born in New York Jan. 7, and there has been major media frenzy about the birth of the child. Jay-Z released a song called Glory, in which he sings about Blue Ivy. The little baby girl's cries can be heard in the background of the song.