From gloomy winter weather conditions to pat-down rages, Australia floods, New York blizzard and season’s snowstorms worldwide, travel moods have been devastated since Christmas weekend and through January. The Blue Monday effect has added to the woes with controversies still on whether last Monday was the most depressing day of the year or the coming Monday on January 24 will be the bluest day.

In contrast to all this blues and woes, a leading travel search site site Skyscanner gives an insight to the sunshine spots in the world to boost optimism – the top five places you can travel to cheer you up:


An emerging destination in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has the most optimistic people in the world, according to a recent study conducted in 53 countries by the BVA polling organization. With beautiful beaches and very affordable food and drink, visitors to this magnificent country are bound to find themselves on a high too.


In a bid to address rising suicide rates in the country, a number of savvy hairdresser’s in the city of Toyama have tapped into a new market – clinical psychology. Holidaymakers who fancy the idea of a pep talk whilst they get a chop should look into flights to Japan, where 650 hairdressers have signed up to the incentive.


Who does not like to get flattered? A Canadian company in Montreal, Flatter Me, calls people to compliment them, cheer them up and let them know how wonderful beings they are – all you need on a depressing day. For a fee, get the happiness back on a gloomy day. Arrange for a ‘Flatter Me Phone Call’ at 5$ a call from US and Canada and at $10 a call from any other countries worldwide.

Costa Del Sol

If you are looking for some real sunshine in the murky winter, Spain’s Costa Del Sol is the place to be. The place is blessed with over 300 sunny days each year making it an ideal choice for sun particularly during the dark month of January at home. According to Skyscanner, thousands of tourists fly to Spanish city of Malaga near Costa Del Sol in south of Spain seeking sun, beaches and warmth every January when most of the parts of world reel under the shivering cold. And with sunshine known to reduce stress and release endorphins, it’s no wonder that the place would do away with the blues.


According to the United Nations Human Development Index for 2010, Norwegians are among the world’s happiest nations with the highest standard of living based on a number of factors including life expectancy and access to knowledge. Coupled with its spectacular fjords, waterfalls and mountains, no wonder why you should visit the place.