BlueFire Ethanol Fuels, Inc., a company with a proven, commercially ready cellulose-to-ethanol process for cellulosic waste and urban trash like presorted municipal solid waste (MSW), announced today that President and CEO of the Company, Arnold Klann, will speak to government officials and industry leaders at a State Department-hosted Side Event entitled, “The U.S. – Brazil Biofuels Partnership” at this year’s Renewable Energy Technology Conference and Exhibition (RETECH).

This special event at the conference will focus on U.S.-Brazil R&D efforts to stimulate biofuel adoption in the third world, as well as the standards and codes relevant to that process.

Slated to kick off at 10 a.m. tomorrow, this special event will not only bring participants up to speed on bilateral cooperative efforts to date, but also offer industry leaders from both countries an opportunity to go over the degree of progression they’ve achieved in standardizing biofuels.

Mr. Klann will stand alongside David Goldwyn, U.S. Department of State’s Office of The Secretary Coordinator for International Energy Affairs, and Ambassador Andre Amado, Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Itamaraty) and Under Secretary for Energy & High Technology, in addressing the special assembly with biofuel industry leaders from Coskata, Inc., Dedini, Poet, LLC, Novozymes North America, Petrobras, UNICA and Virent Energy Systems in attendance.

Mr. Klann noted the demand from “companies across the globe” for world-wide deployment of BFRE’s proprietary Concentrated Acid Hydrolysis technology, making this event the perfect opportunity to further showcase the benefits of the innovative technology to a captive audience keen to hear more.

The capacity of BFRE’s commercially-ready process is suitable for a “variety of non-food source feedstocks”, said Klann, who also pointed out that the technology offers customers the ability to produce biofuel in a very cost-effective manner, which can help to “offset the importation of energy and reduce petroleum consumption”.

BlueFire is focused on developing U.S. commercial bio-refineries like the fully permitted Lancaster, CA site, which is strategically located to easily gobble up pre-sorted cellulosic waste from Southern California’s landfills to produce an estimated 3.9M gallons of fuel-grade ethanol every year.

Also on the slate are plans for a second commercial cellulosic ethanol plant targeting Fulton, Mississippi, where abundant wood wastes from the region will be used to generate some 18M gallons per year of clean, renewable ethanol.