The end of this summer will mean the end of “Boardwalk Empire,” and it doesn’t look like fans will see a happily-ever-after for their favorite characters. In anticipation for the Season 5 premiere in September, HBO has released a dark teaser for the final season of the period drama.

Actor Michael K. Williams confirmed to Den of Geek that the show will feature a time jump and move ahead seven years, putting them right in the Depression era. And the new teaser trailer makes certain that viewers know that things have taken a turn for the worst in "Boardwalk Empire."

The video starts with a creepy rendition of Three Dog Night's hit song, “One (is the Loneliest Number).” As the song plays, a man (who we assume is Nucky Thompson) stands alone on the Atlantic City boardwalk. Viewers then get flashes of men in business meetings, gangsters with guns, showgirls dancing, and the words “All Empires Fall” between clips.

The last scene in the teaser shows a gun shooting someone off screen and Nucky Thompson saying, “The trick’s to stay alive long enough to cash out.”  

“No one goes quietly," the video for the final season of "Boardwalk Empire" teased.

Things aren’t looking good for the folks of “Boardwalk Empire” in their fifth season. The trailer is ominous and makes us wonder: Who is going to make it out alive?

Do you think Nucky will cash out while he’s still alive? Comment with your ideas about the final season of “Boardwalk Empire”!